Our Story

Curl & Castor is committed to helping people of color to celebrate their natural kinks and curls with accessories and lifestyle tailored specifically to them.

Celebrate your Kink and Curls

Patrice grew to embrace her natural kinks and curls, which became both apart of her style and her identity. She decided to focus her attention on something that she had begun to hold close to her heart since she embraced her natural coils. Patrice wanted to address the beautiful but complex, love-hate relationship that men and women of color have with their natural hair.

Patrice’s mission was to create a hair-care and lifestyle brand that not only celebrates natural hair but one that will educate and empower those with kinky and curly hair to stay unapologetically authentic. Patrice maintains a career as CEO (Chief Empowerment Officer) of Curl & Castor.

Our Promise

Honoring authenticity and originality.

We will continue to provide you the opportunity to unleash your creativity without burning a hole in your pocket or compromising the health of your hair.

Offering unique products for unique curls

Curl & Castor will be there to guide every curl pattern on their natural hair journey.

Empowering People

We will establish a global culture that preaches natural beauty, self-confidence and the right to be unapologetically, you.

We all should be represented and celebrated.

Founder, Patrice Channer